Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

About the Office

Batman University (BTU) values diversity among its students and faculty. International Relations Office supports the university's internationalization efforts  by:

  • Establishing new forms of academic cooperation with outstanding colleges and universities from around the world in order to increase the international experience of students and faculty;
  • Maintaining an active portfolio of academic partners for its students and faculty;
  • Assisting efforts of BTU academic units in forging new relationships with partner institutions;
  • Assisting outgoing BTU students in their selection, placement and registration at the partner institution;
  • Assisting incoming students to BTU by providing orientation services and coordinating their communication with the academic and administrative units;
  • Representing BTU in International forums and networks;

Facilitating the University’s international engagement, approach, and visibility with the aim of developing and strengthening relationships that bring further global distinction to the institution.